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Online Keno

Keno (also known as lotto in some places) is a number game played in almost every online casino on internet and has a long history to it. Originated in china, Keno was brought in America by Chinese immigrants in 18th century and today the game is popular worldwide. Though the Chinese version of keno had 80 Chinese characters to it, the Americans replaced it later with 80 Arabic numerical. Another version of keno was seen in Nevada when each number in the ticket was escorted with a racehorse’s name, which was then modified in 1951 with race horsing becoming a popular game.


Online keno is an easy way of playing keno by sitting at home with many online casinos giving best of bonuses and winning amounts. Playing keno on internet is similar to playing keno in any Nevada based casino with same game play and even better winning chances. Online keno casinos also provide the benefits of access to tutorials and rule book for a quick grasping of the game and its rules. Some online casinos also provide free keno games for those looking for simple keno fun.


Online keno is without a doubt the easiest way of winning game of keno without taking any effort of driving to a busy and crowded casino, where players are often found lost in the noise around them. Online keno has been becoming more and more popular now, with many casinos giving free play option and some presenting easily downloadable software for playing online games with great graphics and sound effects.


The similarity of keno with lotto has also made it quite appealing to those who are not hardcore casino players, but are seeking easy online casino games with lots of luck factor in it while enjoying the comfortable environment of their own place.



How to Play -

The game is simple number game, where players are provided with a number board with numbers from 1 to 80 starting from top left side and going towards bottom right corner. Many online keno casino formats consist of buttons for customizing the game, for putting a bet, for increasing or decreasing bet and more. Players can also reselect the numbers to create a better combination according to them.


Players also get option of choosing one card or five cards, to be played in row. With little similarity to bingo, keno is quite simple. Players choose sequence of numbers out of the 1 to 80 numbers and wait for the numbers to come out in the number draw. Players can chose any amount up to number and can chose maximum up to 20 numbers.


The victory is decided on the numbers matched in the chosen 20 sequence of the player and in the numbers drawn. Player whose at least five or more numbers match to the drawn numbers is a winner, but there are also casinos who set their own winning rules such as even by matching three numbers a player earn some amount.

Basically the game starts with players choosing their numbers, then betting and finally waiting for the randomly drawn numbers to match their sequence.

The 20 numbers drawn are randomly chose numbers by the casino and thus, whole of the keno game depends upon luck and right number sequence.


The payoff in the game of keno relies on the bet chose by the player and bets can be made anywhere from $1 to $5. When a number out of the 20 selected numbers by the player matches the randomly chosen number it is known as a ‘HIT’. At online keno players can also decide to play more than one game at a time, this decision also affects the outcome of the game.



Keno Bets -

There are three common types of bets found in game of keno, these are straight ticket bet, combination ticket bet and king ticket bet. Straight ticket bet is where player puts a bet on the digits tagged as single wager. While straight ticket is the simplest mode of playing keno, combination ticket is little more challenging. In combination ticket several numbers groupings are marked by players, who then plays their combinations. King ticket means a number marked by itself is known as king, which is then played in all combinations.

Keno Strategy -

Famous more as a game of sheer luck and chance, Keno does have some brain work involved in it, if you want to win! Although not much in hard core tricks and tips, Keno players can surely make use of a little strategy to beat the machine by increasing your winning chances.


  • Strategy number one is to select and bet on the numbers which you haven’t observed coming up recently in the games. This is because there might be chances of the machine to pick up these numbers now, to even out the results for each number.
  • Strategy number two is to try and observe if a particular machine has a pattern or trend of picking up numbers, this might or might not be gauged, but is surely worth a try.
  •  Strategy number three you can use is to choose and select consecutive numbers. Although nothing can be said about what number does the machine take out, but it is popular belief amongst avid Keno players that consecutive numbers are often seen coming out.
  • Another common but simple strategy is Strategy number four which is to select and choose the same set of numbers every time you play.

So go ahead and make use of these strategies and play, but always keep in mind that this is Keno, and anything can happen here! So just have fun and don’t focus much in winning, as you don’t know what your luck has in store for you.

Video Keno -

Video Keno are another popular version of keno, but this modern avatar of keno is little too fast and risky in its game play. The rules and game play are just like a normal keno game, but here the 1 to 80 numbers are given on a screen and players have to touch the screen to choose their combination or sequence of numbers, they wish to pay with. While video keno is modern and stylish version of classic keno, it is also much thrilling and has been drawing many online keno game players. Some online casinos are known to provide better bonuses at video keno section.

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