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Video Poker

Video Poker was introduced in year 1970 and since then the game has been attracting huge crowd of Poker players, especially those looking for an easy version of Poker. A popular variant of 5-card Poker game, Video Poker is similar to yet easier than the regular game of Poker. Though the objective of both the games is to create a winning hand combination, Video Poker comes with easy game-play.

Video Poker screen provides players with betting options and rules along with the names of winning combination help player understand the game easily. Another major rule that makes Video Poker different from a standard Poker game is the fact that the game is played against the house and not against any other player. Poker hand ranking and rules in Video Poker are same as that in a normal Poker game.

The game play of Video Poker is lot similar to slot machines, with a tiny difference of former one requiring gaming skills. While the card sequence is controlled by random-number generator, just like in a slot machine, the decision to hold a card requires little calculation and logical skills of the player.



How to play -

Video Poker is quite easy to play, as compared to the regular game of Poker where a new player is always bound to get confused and stressed-out. Video Poker is like a slot machine, where player has to bet and cards come out automatically in a row.

The Video version of Poker starts when a player inserts a coin or money, clicks on the betting button and is ready to draw the first five cards. The actual challenge begins when the player pushes the ‘Draw/Deal’ button and is dealt with 5- cards. It is now up to the player to decide which cards are to be kept and which ones to be discarded.

Once the decision for ‘Hold’ has been made, the player has to take the last step of again drawing new cards in exchange of the discarded ones. The final hand created after drawing cards second time decide the fate of the player, if the hand meets the combinations given on the screen the player wins.



Video Poker Tips -

Video Poker being an easy looking Poker game can make players get excited and make needless mistakes. Since this game of Poker is a good combination of both luck and skills, taking care of few things while playing Video Poker can prove to be a good idea.

It is always a good idea to start a game with a set amount of money. Players who are not a pro must not continue to play even when they have lost a great deal of their game amount. Since the game is against a machine and not a person, players must take as much time as possible for deciding which card to hold and which one to discard.

Playing for free can help new players to enjoy and learn the game without risking any money for it.



Video Poker Basics -

Easy to play and a complete entertainer, Video Poker has always been compared with Poker and slots machines. The game is quite popular as it not only makes professional enjoy their skills but also gives a simple form of casino fun to new players who are not trained enough to bear the challenges of a regular Poker game.

Video Poker is a well designed game that presents Poker in simpler form where a random number generator draws cards for players to play with. In Video Poker, player gets the benefits like presence of combination lists and betting details on the screen. Player gets the choice of discarding or keeping a card and game ends when final cards are drawn.

The player bets, draws cards, holds the favorites and again draws cards and if the hand combination matches any of the combination in the list, player wins. Strategies come in play when the player has to discard and hold a card.

Video Poker is played against a machine with no memory or control over the cards being drawn, as it has automatic card generator. The best way to play Video Poker is to enjoy it, to play as long as it’s giving winning cards as well as play with all the patience and time.


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