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Software installation

Software Handling

Download the free casino software

Download Tutorial Without having the bother to travel to far off land-based casinos, online casinos are just the thing to quell your gambling urge. Online casinos have been supplying gamblers since the middle of the nineteen nineties with a comfortable and dependent way to play casino games of their choice. You can simply click with your mouse and download any online casino to your home computer. Download casinos are only one of a variety of formats, however they are the most dependent and within minutes you can generally download them and install. Although those computers with dial up connections may increase the time taken to carry out this process, the new light downloads with less games are also available with a lot of casinos. In this manner, you are given the option to decide which games you wish to download and play, and so you can gradually add games at your own pace until your computer has them all installed. Naturally the process is far faster for those players with high speed modems.

    1. Access the particular casino website and press on the button for downloading. You do not always have to download software if the casino flash versions are provided allowing you to play without having to download.
    2. Select the option "save this program to disk" and click the ok button.
    3. On being asked to choose a saving location for saving the exe file, it’s recommended to save on the default location of the Windows desktop.
    4. Now the downloading starts and you can follow its progress on a displayed status bar.
    5. On completing the download, the announcement download complete is displayed.
Install the casino software

On completing the downloading, the installation begins by locating the setup casino icon and clicking it. Now the downloading of the software starts and takes ten minutes at the most with a standard fifty six k modem. Continue the installation process by following the instructions displayed on the monitor. The moment you have finished installing you can begin to play.

Playing The Game

Once you’ve entered the lobby, a message box will query you whether you wish to sign up for a real registration or whether you wish to enter as a guest. Following your decision you’ll access another screen for entering personal details. Assuming you are going to register for a real account then you’ll be given the option of deciding to use a deposit system. You’ll find that a large number of options are available and something is always the most suitable. The systems offered are dependent on the type of the casino’s software provider. A lot of casinos accept regular credit card deposits, however, in the majority of cases you’ll find such methods as InstaCash, Moneybookers, Fireplay, 900 Pay, Neteller and others.

After having finished registering and depositing your money you can begin playing. Apart from the regular well-known casino games you may find unfamiliar new exciting games. There are casinos which provide over a hundred assorted casino games including progressive jackpot games, video poker, card games, slots and table games. It’s highly recommended to download immediately and try your hand at this exciting new online adventure.

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